Welcome at the site of Lesscher Transport at Deurningen.


Transport Company Lesscher

A modern family company

Lesscher Transport is a modern conversational family company that has been operating in the transport industry since 1870 and is established at Deurningen. We are proud of our strong team of our 35 drivers who are at your service day and night. Our drivers are all in possession of diplomas and are experts in transporting and delivering your products with care. We are known for our flexibility, reliability, quality of service and 24/7 accessibility.


Love for flowers

We specialise principally in the transport of flowers for flowershops and of plants and trees for garden centres, both national as internationally. In addition we transport products for wholesale and distribution and we also transport fire works. We are the dedicated transporter for various customers. We have been providing services to most of our satisfied customers for dozens of years.



Lesscher Transport has its own fleet of 25 trucks. Furthermore we can make deliveries entirely in accordance with your wishes. For instance: we have dedicated trucks which are completely in the corporate style of the customer. All our trucks have on-board computers. Thanks to the advanced software is it possible for our planners to obtain the most up to date information at all times, such as tracking and tracing our trucks; it is also possible to stay in contact with our drivers. Besides this it is possible to obtain information every month about fuel consumption and an analysis of driving history.


Our speciality

Lesscher Transport is an expert in the transport of:

Flowers and plants

Arboricultural products



Important features

Important features of Lesscher Transport are:

Our high degree of flexibility

rapid response

24/7 availibility and service

Along with our competitive prices, this means satisfied customers, every day.


Quality mark

To guarantee our quality we have the quality mark:  "Keurmerk Logistiek en Transport" with the specialisation floriculture transport. For more information check the site: www.keurmerktenl.nl