We take care of the daily transport of floricultural and arboricultural products for wholesalers, chain organisations, independent flower shops and plant breeders. As a renowned horticultural transport service, we run to all well-known flower auctions in the Netherlands on a daily basis: Aalsmeer, Rijnsburg, Naaldwijk, Eelde and Straelen-Herongen (Germany). At the auctions in Aalsmeer we work together with the C.A.A.C. for internal transport. We transport flowers, plants and arboricultural products from the East of Holland to the following regions: North Limburg, Brabant, Hazerswoude, Boskoop, Zundert and Lottum.

We can also look after the international transport of flowers, plants and arboricultural products.

We run to Germany on a daily basis, with both partial and full loads. We also provide the returnables management of roller containers for these transportation services. Furthermore we offer these containers for hire.